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Here at we strive to make your stay as relaxing and as stress free as possible. We have therefore put together a list of helpful websites and companies that can help you with various aspects of your stay on the island. If you wish to know something that is more specific to your needs then please contact us.

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Planning your trip

Having decided on which part of the island you would like to stay i.e. Bogaz or Bacheli booking your flight timely will ensure you get the best possible price for your journey.  When travelling into Larnaca some of the best airlines are as follows: (All airports)  (North England Airports) Summer season only  (London Airports)

When travelling into Ercan Airport which is North of Cyprus expect to touch down in any airport in Turkey i.e. Antalya, Dalaman, Istanbul or Izmir for a short period, before taking back off to complete your journey into Ercan Airport.  When travelling this way some of the best airlines are as follows: (All airports) (London – Stanstead)

Finally take full advantage of your hand luggage allowance as well as hold luggage too.  Check airlines for restrictions and limits to avoid any excess baggage charges.


The currency of North Cyprus is the Turkish Lira (TL); sterling is accepted in bars, restaurants and supermarkets too.  Credit Cards are widely accepted however check your bank for conversion charges.  ATM’s have popped up everywhere in order that you get local currency and sterling if required.  Most people exchange Sterling into Lira at the local bank on arrival for the best currency conversion rates on the day.  Check currency rates as follows:


Non Euro-Zone

Please note North Cyprus is a Non-Euro Zone therefore unaffected by the financial crisis of the South of Cyprus.

What to do when you get there?

North Cyprus has an extended season with up to 300 days of sunshine a year.  January and February are the coolest of months, however still a nice time of year to visit the island.  The hottest months are July and August however the sun extends into early December.  Monitor the temperature ahead of your travel as follows:

Please remember your sun cream though as it’s quite expensive to buy locally in shops.

No matter what month you visit there is always plenty to occupy your time.  The island is rich in tradition and each month holds many Festivals to celebrate music, dance, changing of the seasons and much more.  Check out What’s On for the month you plan to visit as follows:   2013 Events & Festivals in North Cyprus… you will be amazed to the extent the locals celebrate!